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In ‘I Gotta Know’, relationships are intentionally addressed from a simple perspective : a checklist for those optimistic but cautious about committing to a new relationship. I believe that the lyrics reflect experience rather than insecurity, but you decide. This song features stellar performances by Al Bonhomme on guitar and Steve Brewster on drums.

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Music can also bring sweetness and lightness to our soul in a simple way. It is at these times that art becomes something bigger than expected of it, and we are mesmerized by so much beauty. Here we have Terry K 3TL who has just released his newest single “See Where It Goes” which is one of the most beautiful things ever heard. What a song, gentlemen!! It is a softness that impresses all our senses. There is no way to stop considering it a true masterpiece that deserves all the spotlight.

The singer tells us that the lyrics are quite personal and talks about someone that the artist is blessed to have him in his life. In fact, he says that every incident described in the song happened and was real, except perhaps by the title itself. Another curiosity, Terry comments on, is that before he recorded this work, he googled the song’s name and discovered numerous surprises. One of them is that there are several interpretations of the same title, but none expresses the message that his wants to convey.

It is endeavors like this that must be appreciated to have a place in the sun. The listener realizes that he has everything to be a great success and conquer the four corners of the world. It must be concluded that Terry K 3TL is a phenomenon that does a beautiful job worthy of a star. So listen, experience and feel.



Terry is a past nominee of the Niagara Music Awards 2019 Album of the Year for Take A Little Ride album. His later works have been nominated internationally for music achievement and songwriting awards.



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Tell Me A story (album)

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Dance me in the moonlight

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the way that you kiss





A long time coming, “Take a Little Ride” is compilation 1 of a 3 part trilogy Songs For Old Men

Part 2, Tell Me A Story is in production and release date is Spring 2022.

The 3rd and final compilation, Rest In Peace is planned for the future, God willing, with singles leading up to the final compilation.

To A Friend (A Celebration of life)

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“From the very first notes, you realize that you are in front of a great singer-songwriter. I instantly liked his voice, somehow the vocal timbre of this Terry K 3TL reminded me of Gilmour’s. Even the compositional style in some passages reminded me of Pink Floyd”

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